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  • Superior Quality of Service Superior Quality of Service Türkis Rent a Car service to our customers while you firstly gives importance to customer satisfaction. Istanbul car rental request with your first response to the latest model vehicles, our company is always on your side with professional staff in the business. for many years with the happiness of being one of the leading enterprises of today's car rental industry, we aim to provide more services.
  • Latest Model Cars Latest Model Cars Türkis Rent a Car offers you a fleet of late-model vehicles. If you want to get a professional car rental services are taking place at the right address. wanted to become a company in the car rental industry for many years based on our history, we are happy. Türkise Rent a Car car you rent with all our quality is well-qualified service. And you can rent the latest models of vehicles for the safety of the goods and provide safe travel facilities.
  • Renault benzin ( 2020 )
    Renault benzin ( 2020 ) 14 EUR
    Benzine / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Fiat Linea DİZEL
    Fiat Linea DİZEL 13 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Fiat Egea DİZEL (2020)
    Fiat Egea DİZEL (2020) 15 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Renault Symbol DİZEL
    Renault Symbol DİZEL 13 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Dacia Logan MCV DİZEL
    Dacia Logan MCV DİZEL 14 EUR
    Diesel / Manuel CAR REVIEW
  • Dacia duster benzin ( 2020 )
    Dacia duster benzin ( 2020 ) 21 EUR
    Benzine / Manuel CAR REVIEW
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Türkise Rent a Car in Istanbul, our company has been operating in the car rental industry. car rental needs of our valuable customers with our many years' experience, we meet in the best way. We provide our fleet with the latest models a reliable and comfortable travel opportunities to you. Our company is started by a completely professional process on your rented car. From the moment your reservation is divided into units that fall into the system is delivered to you with a seamless process. Our business and our staff that care about your delivery time is fast car without waiting for you on your reservation time.
In just a few steps you can pre-booking through our web page. If you want to get you in a hassle free car rental service to our company, you can choose with confidence without losing more time. followed closely by our Web page, you can also take advantage of our seasonal campaign. We thank you for your choosing, we wish you a good trip.